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Things I care about that other people probably think are a little bit "out there."

I tag all pictures of guinea pigs with piggy porn; most posts related to my faith (Christianity) with God-stuff; most posts about things that happen in my life with my life and/or my husband; most posts about ADHD with ADHD and Actually ADHD; all posts to try and get people's attention with signal boost; and most posts about disabilities with disability, disability rights, and/or the specific disability (e.g., autism, ADHD, OCD). Blacklist away!

As a note, if I wrote a long post or there are long paragraphs or words you don't understand, and you want to read the post and understand what I'm on about, please feel free to ask. I try to keep things readable but it doesn't always work out quite right, and questions can sometimes help me reword things or explain them more clearly.
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